Thank you for considering us to be part of your special journey We are a group of passionate workers, bounded together by our love in making extraordinary photographs. We are easily captivated by love stories and deeply empowered by human characters From the unspoken familiarity of lingering smile in one's lips to a couple's discreet language --we simply live for this little moments in life.

Prewedding by A m o r
Mayang & Gilang
Prewedding by A m o r
Mayang & Gilang

About Amorphoto

Imagine having your pictures professionally taken all the while being totally comfortable in your own skin.
Our fun and creative photographers take their time to let you express your true self--making it an enjoyable time for you and your loved one.
We realize that marriage is the ultimate dream for two souls who long for each other. Here in Amorphotoworks, we try our best to capture your special moments while emphasizing your own characteristics as a couple-- as we belive every couple is made different, every couple is made special.
We are determined to capture every mement with love, so that it can be cherised over time. With a group of youthful workers, we hope to deliver your special moments as magical as it truly is. Let us be a part of your dream .

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Kota Bogor

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